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I offer a client-centered approach utilizing Occupational Therapy to help you achieve your business goals. Services include Ergonomic/Job Site Analysis, Injury Prevention, Lifestyle/Chronic Disease Management, Hand Therapy, Disability Assessment Testing, Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Ergonomic and Job Site Analysis 

Experienced in ergonomic consulting at diverse businesses including manufacturing, fulfillment, construction/trades, meat processing, public service (police, firefighter, EMT), office work environments, and health care. 

Disability Assessment Testing/Functional Capacity Evaluations

Do you need quantifiable data to demonstrate you or your client’s current capabilities, their potential discrepancies in being self-sufficient with activities of daily living or ability in meeting specific work tasks?  As a provider, do you struggle to complete requested work restrictions and documentation of an injured worker’s current status? Have you waited weeks for testing to be completed and written reports to be returned to you?

Contact us to discuss accurate, customizable testing and quick turnaround time for your worker’s compensation and disability cases. (See Services for more details)

Hand Therapy

Evaluation and treatment of problems related to the upper extremity. Benefit from individualized 1 on 1 care. As a Certified Hand Therapist, I treat clients through pre and post-operative rehabilitation, and provide preventative, non-operative or conservative treatment, and industry consultation. Although a referral is not required, I can work closely with your physician in providing a providing a thorough continuum of care. Treatment by a CHT is proven to reduce treatment time with faster recovery resulting in decreased medical costs and improved functional outcomes in returning to a productive lifestyle.

Complete the "Contact" information to discuss your needs, answer questions and determine the services right for you. To sign up, click on the link below. I look forward to meeting you!

hand Therapy

Treatments to prevent dysfunction and/or restore function to enhance your ability use your hands and participate fully in life. Specialties include thumb arthritis, post-surgical, and overuse injuries.

chronic disease management

Understand your health condition and learn self-management techniques with personal coach guidance.

  • Disability assessmenT


  • Functional Capacity


A comprehensive assessment of an individual's functional ability for daily activity and work tasks. Includes written report suitable for disability evaluations and job employment. 

JobSite analysis


Ergonomic and workstation assessments, job task analysis.

This information is provided by SpeicherWellness. It is not intended to replace the medical advice from your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for recommendations and advice about specific medical conditions.

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